Article Sum. HW

Article Summaries HW
A company called AcccuWeather was under fire after its “customers” found out that they sell their data in order to make money. They are not the only publishers doing this. It is how they make money for lost advertisements. That’s how almost every “free” app stays free but profits. You can pay someone to either track everything you do online, from purchases to location, for only $1000. It’s actually said to be very easy. The person who wants to track someone, purchases an ad to see what type of apps said someone is using or their predestined location. The person being tracked doesn’t even have to do anything with the app. Apps that share your location aren’t always accurate. There are many ways for people to track your location with your data, cell towers, and metadata. Companies or apps such as Google, Apple, Snapchat, etc. have features or applications that are only about your location or the location of others. I feel as though the location feature of some apps i…

Microchip HW

Microchip Technology Three Positive: It makes certain tasks that require an ID or Membership Card easier, “swiping into the office building, paying for food in the cafeteria — can be accomplished with a wave of the hand.” They are secure and encrypted. No one can track the person who has the chip in. It could allow more time efficient and secure payments, “a microchip implanted today to allow for easy building access and payments could.” Three Concerns: They provide a lack of privacy, “in theory, they could be used later in more invasive ways: to track the length of employees’ bathroom or lunch breaks, for instance, without their consent or even their knowledge.” The future of this technology is unknown to scientists, “Once they are implanted, it’s very hard to predict or stop a future widening of their usage.” Their use could be changed depending on whoever is harnessing this technology, “which could include anything from a truly secure product to something that is easily hackable.” I think…

Computer HomeWork

Computer Assignment A computer is a device that accepts input and processes it in some way to produce a result automatically. A “computer” that I have in my house could potentially be my hair straightener. The device is long with a curved rectangular shape. The inside is gold or champagne color. There are heat plates near the end of the two rectangle tongs/clamps used to clasp the hair between the hot plates. It is smooth and matte. The two rectangles are fused together at the base where there is a power button and a cord. There are up and down buttons on the side of this fusion to control the temperature. The data entered is the temperature settings after it is turned on. Then the hair before it is straightened could also be the data. It processes this data and heats up the two individual heating plates. The hair is put between these. It is up to the outside user of this device to control how the hair is straightened as you can also use a flat iron to curl hair; that is not the intend…

Algorithm HW

1c. 1pick what type of tea you want 2get a cup from your cupboard 4fill the cup with water from the tap 5if you have a kettle, fill that with water 6turn on kettle 7put the cup with water in the microwave 8 heat it for 1 minute and 30 seconds 9 else pour water from kettle into cup 10 put tea bag into cup 11 add sugar 12